“In a world of plastic and noise, I want to be of mud and silence.”

Eduardo Galeano



Summer is here and at the Granja Escuela we already have everything ready to open the doors of our long-awaited Summer School 2023!

Do not miss the opportunity to live an immersive experience that will transport us to the old country life in Mallorca. We will play farmers in charge of providing food for the animals, taking care of our fantastic organic garden and harvesting vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

You can also enjoy the best Educational Leisure activities carried out in a playful and affective way where the real protagonist is the student.


Celebrating an event as special as a birthday, communion or baptism in “La Vall de Colonya”, is now possible thanks to our Naturally events. Accompanied by the Farm’s animators, you will live a unique experience full of fun in an idyllic setting in nature.

La Vall de Colonya – Farm School Pollença

La Vall de Colonya is located 2.5 km from the center of the town of Pollença, a privileged place. It is an environmental education center, committed to education and nature, making it a learning space, carrying out outdoor activities and using the natural resources it provides: reducing, reusing and recycling.

Our philosophy focuses on respect and love for the world, nature and all beings who live there. In this way we offer experiences for all ages and nuclei of coexistence.


Alex Pareja Ramis
Teacher of Primary Education with a specialization in Therapeutic Pedagogy and postgraduate in Expert in Assisted Therapies with Horses, Sociocultural Animator, Monitor and Director of Leisure Activities.

His work has specialized in the management and direction of Educational Leisure activities, always looking for didactic and pedagogical objectives for his activities.

Founder of the company Equus Oci Educatiu dedicated to the management of educational activities in public schools in Palma with 15 years of experience in the sector.

He currently dedicates the entire day to managing the Granja Escola la Vall de Colonya in Pollença where he is developing an immersive educational innovation project.

What do we offer?

Everyone can come to the farm school La Vall de Colonya! We target various schools, families and groups. Stays of any length are offered, for all ages. We offer a wide range of experiences that vary according to the preferences and needs of each group.

School and family visits


special EVENTS

Summer school, Easter and Christmas Park and Camps

Extracurricular “Life in the countryside”

Our goals

Identify the general characteristics of animals: external and internal parts, feeding, reproduction.
Observe the life of animals in the wild.
Perform tasks for the care and maintenance of the farm (cleaning, feeding, etc.).
Know and use the work tools of the farm workshop.
Acquire the specific vocabulary of the different elements of the farm.
Apply basic concepts of quantity, order and time in different activities of the workshops.
Solve simple mathematical operations and problems related to the farm workshop.

Take care of the natural environment of the farm.

Respect the rules of good practice of the farm workshop.

Participate and collaborate with colleagues in teamwork.

Enjoy intensely the activities carried out in the workshops.

Achieve the basics of the garden: tools, plant names, fruits.

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